Have you ever wondered what exactly you put on your skin or hair?

Have you ever thought of creating your own facial or hair product by choosing only the finest natural ingredients suited for your own skin or hair?

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Select from a wide range of natural ingredients best suited for your skin care or hair needs

Our natural ingredients are sourced by a reputable UK supplier. Giving you the opportunity to select what is right for your skin or hair. Choose at least 5 ingredients.

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We'll mix it for you and place it in a bottle made from recycled plastic.

Your personalised potion will be placed in a 100ml travel-friendly pump bottle made from recycled plastic.

Your custom-made oil will be prepared by a qualified Natural Skin Care Formulator at our artisan lab in London.

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Your custom-made skin care or hair care product will be delivered to you for free (UK/EU).

Rest of the world can order too - it's alcohol-free anyway!

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